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This is an Asteroids variant video game that was developed in Godot (a Python-based game engine). A rough replica of the original Asteroids is included as well as a variant with a twist!

See if you can collect all the powerups! After each level, an additional asteroid will spawn. An extra life is granted for every 10,000 points.


  • Spacebar - shoot
  • Arrow keys - rotate ship
  • P - manual respawn
    • If you die, the game will automatically spawn you in the center of the screen once it is safe and the surrounding asteroids have cleared the spawn area, but this can take a while in the later levels when there are many asteroids on the screen, so you can override this functionality and spawn yourself in the middle of the screen by pressing P. Use with caution!

Install instructions

To run the game, simply unzip the file, open the folder that corresponds to your operating system, and run the executable. Supported OS are Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Asteroids.zip 292 MB


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