A downloadable The Rolling Raceway

Instruction Manual

Welcome to Rolling Raceway! The objective of this game is to be the first player to complete 3 laps! Please follow these instructions to begin a game.

Game Pieces

  • Game Board (print it)
  • Cars (or game pieces)
  • Tires (or lap place holders)
  • Dice (3)
  • Cards (3 Types)

Setup (2-4 Players)

  • Have each player pick two game pieces - one car and one tire
  • Place the car on square one and the tire in the middle of the board on lap one - the tire marks which lap you are currently on
  • Highest roll determines who goes first. Proceed in a clockwise direction. Players do not start with any cards.

Taking your Turn

  • Players may play one set of cards before they roll (see Card Combinations section)
  • Simply roll two dice to determine how many squares to move forward

Status Effects of Squares

  • Blank square - take no action
  • Card Squares - collect one of the corresponding card type - attack (red), defense (blue), or utility (green)
  • Bandit square  - the player in first must give up all their cards, giving half their cards to the player in last and half to the discard pile (round up for giving to the other player. i.e. discarding 7 cards, give 4 to the player in last and 3 to the discard pile)
  • Nitrous squares - immediately advance to the next nitrous square
  • Arrow square - move in the direction of the arrow two spaces
  • Miss - skip your next turn

Card Combinations

  • Attack Buffs (red cards)
    • 1 Attack Card - Add 2 value to whatever you roll
    • 2 Attack Cards - Roll 3 dice instead of 2
    • 3 Attack Cards - Stun an enemy of your choosing (they lose a turn and are unable to play cards that turn) (an enemy who currently has the 3 Defense Cards buff in use cannot be stunned, but will lose their buff)
  • Defense Buffs (blue cards)
    • 1 Defense Card - If you land on a negative status effect that turn, ignore it (free protection for that turn only)
    • 2 Defense Cards - Changes any negative status effects into a positive one instead for that turn only
      • Miss a Turn - Roll again!
      • Move backward - move forward that number of squares instead
    • 3 Defense Cards - Permanent protection until the first negative status effect, at which point the player will no longer have this buff
      • When this is played, the player must place their 3 defense cards face up in front of them, as a reminder to them and others that they currently have the buff
  • Utility Buffs (green cards)
    • 1 Utility Card - if another player is currently on your square with you, add 3 to your roll for this turn
    • 2 Utility Cards - any players on blank squares are immediately pushed back two squares (ignoring what type of square they are pushed back onto; i.e. if a player is pushed back onto a card square, they do not draw a card)
    • 3 Utility Cards - steal one random card from each player


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